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Here comes Trouble. Parallel Universe II.

Here comes Trouble. Parallel Universe II.

Fender’s 2020 Parallel Universe II Series does not disappoint! The most notable models of the new lineup continue to stir the pot, borrowing Gibson-esque features for their limited line of “What If?” type models. The standouts I’ll be talking about are the two new Trouble Maker Teles, and the Uptown Strat.

First up- the Tele Tuxedo! Classic Black finish paired with gold hardware. The Trouble Maker Tele Deluxe Bigsby model boasts three Tim Shaw- designed “Double Tap” Humbuckers, and a borrowed “Adjusto-Matic” Vibrato Tailpiece. As far as timber, we have mahogany and ebony bound in white and inlayed in pearloid. This guy MAPs at $2499.

Next up, the Blondie! This creamy aged Olympic White pairs with gold hardware again, but this time just a standard pair of Tim Shaw’s Double Tap Humbuckers and the “Adjusto-Matic” Hardtail bridge. More the classic Paul imprinted onto a Tele body, the timber is the expected bound mahogany with an ebony fingerboard. For $2399 MAP, this is another awesome rendering of a new Fender Universe.

Finally, let’s get some Strat’s in the mix! The Uptown Strat features modest white finish on a lightweight Fijian mahogany body for the simple needs of the modern player. The mahogany neck has a sculpted neck joint for comfortable access in the higher register. The classic Strat two point Tremolo contrasts the Double Tap humbuckers. The guitar’s aesthetic is rounded out with a vanity pickguard in Gibson styling, and with the electronics locations and pickup mounting rings solidifying the cool cross-pollination. The Uptown MAP’s at $1999 and has plenty of range for its price point.

Stay tuned for more exciting NAMM reveals and reviews.


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