Sadowsky joins forces with Warwick

With the announcement of Sadowsky’s new licensing agreement with Warwick, there are sure to be lots of questions regarding what this exactly means for the company and product line. 

Beginning in 2020, Sadowsky NYC will remain open with a focus soley on Custom Shop instruments. With that, Warwick will be handling manufacturing and distribution of Sadowsky’s Masterbuilt, Metro and MetroExpress lines. Masterbuilt and Metro will be made in Warwick’s Carbon Neutral factory in Markneukirchen, Germany, while MetroExpress basses will be made in Warwick’s Chinese manufacturing facility.

The new German made Master built basses will feature Roasted Maple necks, Chambered Ash bodies with exotic wood tops, top of the line Sadowsky pickups and a Sadowsky designed bridge. The next series of basses, the Metro line will also be built in Germany, featuring Ash bodies, Maple necks, sadowsky pickups/electronics and bridge. The final series, the Chinese made MetroExpress, boasts Maple Necks, Pau Ferro Fingerboards, Okoume Bodies and Sadowsky pickups and represents Sadowsky’s first ever offering in a price range below $2000. 

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