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Tube Amps Still Matter!

Some would argue that we are living in the greatest era of guitar gear. With the widespread popularity of the Kemper Profiler and The countless iterations of the Axe FX and the Helix from Line 6 many players have completely written off the Amplifiers in the traditional sense. You can now have every amp, cab and effects unit with you at all times, in one convenient package, what’s not to like?

                Well to answer my own question, the major flaw that comes along with digital processors and amp modelers is the issue that plagues all modern technology; Planned Obsolescence. The Axe FX 3 is the greatest thing the world has ever seen, until the Axe FX 4 comes out. The Kemper may let you take “faithful” profiles of your favorite amps, until the next generation comes out and your first gen Kemper becomes a paperweight. Not to say that a piece of good sounding gear magically stops sounding good as soon as the next iteration comes out, but players are more likely than not to look to upgrade as soon as possible when it comes to these kinds of amp modelers. The prime example that I see, is that nobody’s still gigging with their once “amazing” Line 6 POD.

I personally take a minimalist approach to my gigging setup, and while I understand my approach won’t suit most players (I run a Les Paul Custom into a Victory Sheriff 44, with only a Shure GXLD16 Tuner/Wireless, a TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate, and an MXR Phase 100 in between) I find that after years of using this rig, my “limited approach” has served me well, and I know what I’m going to get at any given time, without the distraction and constant tweaking that my band-mate who uses a Kemper can’t seem to avoid.

When we think about timeless rigs, and stellar sounds that don’t let you down, it all goes back to Tube Amps. Marshall JCMs, Fender Twins, Peavey 5150’s and Mesa Boogies have ruled the land for as long as I can remember, and while I understand the kemper and axe fx provide great tools for gigging and recording, I just don’t believe that they’ll stand the test of time.

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