Vintage Teisco Checkmate 30 Electric Guitar Amplifier Amp

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Vintage Teisco Checkmate 30 Electric Guitar Amplifier Amp

This Teisco Checkmate amplifier was recently featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine.
Teisco is well-regarded for their cool and quirky designs and this is one of the coolest amps out there.
In the late 60s Teisco released the Checkmate line- these amplifiers and cabinets featured a great 'coffee table' design.
The ads showed these amps being part of living room decor- people could eat their tv dinners while playing their favorite guitar.
The front end of the amplifier is very straight-forward, just a single volume and tone.
The onboard adjustable Tremolo brings that vintage tone to life.
Come down to All Music Inc. in Plainview, NY and try out this awesome classic amplifier.

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