Tone Revival Electric Guitars

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Tone Revival Electric Guitars

David Weizmann's Tone Revival guitars feature one of the coolest designs on the scene.
Built from reclaimed woods- aged perfectly for light weight and exceptional natural resonance- these instruments are stunners.
"With my handmade electric boutique guitars, I aim to create an heirloom quality instrument.
Something that will leave its mark across generations.
I’ve examined, restored, and played a wide array of instruments, sometimes outside the guitar realm, covering well over a century of workmanship; from antebellum gut strings through grail acoustics such as Larsons, pre-war Martins, 40′ Gibsons, and of course, classic 50’s electrics.
My main focus and intention were to use the same philosophy of the early bluesman, who used nothing but their prowess and a lightweight, great-sounding small parlor guitar to play and create timeless music on their journies.
Heavily influenced by the craftsmen and craftsmanship of the 1920s and 1930s, I took the small great sounding guitar of that era to the realm of the classic electrics using the best pickups and features of the 1950s.
Design-wise the inspiration for these handmade electric guitars came from varied sources.
You will be able to find echoes of early automotive classics from the time of epic journeys and innovative designs, and the use of rare local woods.
Add to that my own handmade brass hardware, and you’ll get a new
definition of boutique or handmade guitars.
At about 2.5 kg/5.5 lb these are probably some of the lightest electric guitars you’ll find.
The Cable Test:
The core idea behind the making of this handmade electric guitar was to create an instrument that will ring true and will reflect the pure and minuet nuances of each and every note you play, and first and foremost will give you the most sought after ingredient of any guitar player-inspiration.
To put our philosophy to the test, our benchmark is “The cable Test”:
The guitar has got to sound amazing with just one cable between the guitar and the amp with its pure tone. No effects. No filters. No enhancements.
My mission is to bring you a handmade electric guitar that will be your lifelong companion on your journey.
May the god of feedback be with you!"

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